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The First Amendment is Under Serious Assault in Order to Stifle Anti-Israel Boycotts  libertyblitzkrieg 

The War On Cash: Australia Considering Chipping Senior's Money To Stop Them From Saving - The Dollar Vigilante   dollarvigilante 

Tens of Thousands of ACTUAL Nazis Hold March in U.S.-Funded Country—Mainstream Media Silent   thefreethoughtproject 

BREAKING NEWS about cancer, bacterial sensitivity and EMF pollution –   naturalnews 

Intellihub Exclusive: Second shooter captured on video firing from rooftop or billboard into Route 91 crowd?   intellihub 

Putin Slams US – “The Biggest Mistake Russia Ever Made Was To Trust You” – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

BOMBSHELL: Proof GMOs cannot be contained — GM mosquitoes have successfully mated with wild mosquitoes, spreading GM traits – Natura   naturalnews 

UR Despicable...'Fredrica Wilson, may an alligator cross UR path..' Looking Like Lame Cartoon Character Says It ALL   market-ticker 

NASA plans to genetically modify astronauts so they can survive the journey to Mars –   naturalnews 

Yellen: "A Challenging Decade and a Question for the Future"   calculatedriskblog 

EpiPen maker only cares about sales, not human lives –   naturalnews 

Brandon Smith: How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings   zerohedge 

A Few Comments on September Existing Home Sales   calculatedriskblog 

Meditation changes the structure of your brain, cuts stress in half according to new study –   naturalnews 

Exclusive analysis: Second shooter captured on video firing from rooftop of Mandalay Bay Convention Center?   intellihub 

Your path towards Food Freedom: Simple and cheap home gardening innovations –   naturalnews 

Q3 GDP Forecasts   calculatedriskblog 

Reporter Who Exposed Diplomatic Flights Weapons Transfers Speaks: Azerbaijan Confirms Documents   activistpost 


The elite one-percent's 'Orgy Island' exposed... you won't believe this!   intellihub 

Alien life could exist BELOW the surface of Mars, shocked scientists discover –   naturalnews 

US Spent A Record $4 Trillion In Fiscal 2017, Pushing Deficit To $666 Billion   zerohedge 

Don’t forget the tunes in the bedroom; study shows “sexy” songs enhance your sense of touch –   naturalnews 

Marc Faber Responds To Racism Allegations – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Syrian forces recover Israeli, NATO-made arms from Daesh hideouts — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Video: Second Shooter Spotted Firing From Billboard Into The Crowd During Las Vegas Massacre?   shtfplan 

Texas City To Residents: Sign Loyalty Oath to Israel or No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds   activistpost 

Sleeping 7-year-old girl shot in head during no-knock police raid on wrong home - Police State USA   policestateusa 

Poor sleep is NOT just part of growing older: Experts encourage non-medical intervention –   naturalnews 

Taxpayers Pay Parents $500K After Video Shows Cops Stomp, Taser, Suffocate Their Son to Death   thefreethoughtproject 

How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings   shtfplan 

079: How we could see Facebook, Apple and Amazon fall 20% in a single day   sovereignman 

MYSTERY: Ancient structures found at the gateways of dozens of volcanoes across the Middle East… nobody knows what they’re for   naturalnews 

Report: President Trump looking To RELEASE The CIA JFK Assassination Files Despite Intelligence Community Fears   shtfplan 

Met With #Putin Ahead of $500K Speech   trunews 

Notoriously Sadistic Cop Sued for Forcing K9 to Maul Man—FOR 20 MINUTES   thefreethoughtproject 

Gold & Silver Takedown Continues, But Here Is The Big Surprise…   kingworldnews 

The Best Preparedness Moves You Can Make Right Now for FREE!   edthatmatters 

Vegas survivor Rachel Sheppard, who was 'shot in chest 3 times', sues MGM Resorts, judge orders preservation of evidence   intellihub 

Media Refuses to Report On "THIS" As Another Victim Drops DEAD For the Clintons… — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

`Let There Be Light' Coming to Theaters Oct. 27   trunews 

Can China's Gold Save It From a Debt Collapse? — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Anti-Russia 'Propaganda' Group Urges Reporter to Drop Story on CIA Arming Syrian Rebels   thedailysheeple 

Group Trying to Remove Christ From Christian Education   trunews 

Trump To Allow Release Of 3,000 Never Before Seen Documents On JFK Assassination   zerohedge 

McCain As Metaphor – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

What Do Hillary, Uranium One, And An FBI Bust Of A Deep Cover Russian Spy Network Have In Common?   zerohedge 

Gun Violence Would Immediately Plummet If We Just Called Off the War on Drugs — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

South Korean Army Missiles to Destroy North's Artillery   trunews 

Did John McCain Provide The Infamous 'Trump Dossier' To BuzzFeed?   zerohedge 

Top five low-impact exercises for overall health –   naturalnews 

MAKE TIME to exercise and commit to be fit, especially if you’re a prepper –   naturalnews 

Crypto Currency Calm Before The Storm: "Governments Are Studying It To Find The Means To Take Control Of It... And You"   shtfplan 

In Defense of Cash: Why We Should Bring Back the $500 Note and Other Big Bills   activistpost 

Nanochips and Smart Dust: The Dangerous New Face of the Human Microchipping Agenda   activistpost 

Hungarian Government Concerned Over Latest #Soros Move   trunews 

“The Police Just F**ked My Life” – Alabamians Outraged As Civil Asset Forfeitures Soar – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Are You Infuriated Yet?   peakprosperity 

This is Our World – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Be prepared: 3 Tips to better communicate with your family during an emergency –   naturalnews 

"The Police Just F**ked My Life" - Alabamians Outraged As Civil Asset Forfeitures Soar   zerohedge 

Hurricane Harvey damage continues: Coral reefs are now threatened from the runoff –   naturalnews 

Walk, jog, yoga: Every bit of exercise counts and helps improve your health, reduces your risk for chronic disease –   naturalnews 

Has Big Pharma destroyed Nancy Pelosi’s brain? –   naturalnews 

Legendary Rapper Says Male Musicians Have to Perform Sex Acts to Make It in Music   thefreethoughtproject 

WATCH: Handcuffed Man Records Cop Breaking the Law From Inside the Patrol Car   thefreethoughtproject 

Debt At All Time Highs Yet Central Bankers Will Never Stop Printing | Golden Rule Radio — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

VIDEO: Students love Trump's tax plan...when told it's Bernie's   thedailysheeple 

Palestinian Mission Calls for #Israel's Destruction   trunews 

is Pushing #WallStreet into `New Era' #artificialintelligence   trunews 

Is Responsibility in Your Future?   edthatmatters 

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Von Braun moves to NASA – 1959 – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Las Vegas coroner's office on lockdown   intellihub 

Texas Officials Forcing Hurricane Victims to Pledge Loyalty to Israel to Receive Funding—Seriously   thefreethoughtproject 

How to take money from the rich (without using Big Government coercion) –   naturalnews 

AUDIO] FBI Seized Tropicana Las Vegas Footage, China's New Emperor, Repentance From Sin — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Attack Helicopters to Counter North Korean Invasion   trunews 

FLAG WAIVER – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Off The Cuff: Every Rat For Himself   peakprosperity 

Taser International Exposed Investigating Its Own Non-lethal Weapons Deaths   activistpost 

NHL to Install Facial Recognition Cameras to Limit Their Liability   activistpost 

Boom. Bitcoin Hits $6,000 And A $100 Billion Market Cap As Helicopter Ben and Jamie Demon Warn The End Is Near - The Dollar Vigilante   dollarvigilante 

Bush & the JFK Document RELEASE!! (Bix Weir) — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 


New Eyewitness Confirms Multiple Shooters in Las Vegas — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Kelly Blasts Congresswoman Over Phone Call Flap   trunews 

Cashless Society: China's KFC Introduces Facial Recognition Payment System   activistpost 

Where to Keep Your Gun Safe: The Essentials – 10/1/17   prepperwebsite 

Vegas timeline changes again, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Sugar can fuel cancerous cells, study says, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Remembering Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Deadly 1977 Plane Crash – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

SKYNYRD SATURDAY – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

What I Learned Living Through Harvey, by M.S.   survivalblog 

Why central banks disagree with Gary North about gold   goldseek 

Socialist Group Calls For "Extermination" Of Capitalists, "Worth Shooting" Donald Trump   zerohedge 

"China's National Congress: What You Need To Know"   theinternationalforecaster 

Are you putting Monsanto in your vagina? 85% of tampons and feminine hygiene products contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide   naturalnews 

Meet The Eccentric, Euroskeptic, Czech Billionaire Who Will Become Prime Minister   zerohedge 

Weekend Reading: Dow 24,000 By Christmas   zerohedge 

Fired Tesla Workers Discover They Were Replaced With Cheap Temp Labor   zerohedge 

UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis And A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing   shtfplan 

The Excuse is Immigration, But Federal Checkpoints Violate Everyone’s Rights   activistpost 

This is What it Looks Like When Credit Markets Go Nuts — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Liberals Love Trump's Tax Plan... When Told It's Bernie Sanders' Plan — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Gun Control | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

FBI bombshell: Russian bribery by Obama, Clinton just the start — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

'Psychic Espionage': An Insider's View of US Army's Secret Project StarGate — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Xi Jinping Presents Vision for "the Common Destiny of Mankind" for the Next 30 Years — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

My Family Survival Plan BPA Disrupts Metabolic Rates and Causes Obesity, According to New Study - My Family Survival Plan   myfamilysurvivalplan 

Sprouts are nutrient dense, cheap, and easy to store. Best news? You can grow them at home!   backdoorsurvival 

Black Powder Firearms for Survival   edthatmatters 

Light & Energy for a Good Cause   edthatmatters 

5 Tips to Frugally Prepare   edthatmatters 

What EMERGENCY is Your Biggest Concern? Feedback from the PREPAREDNESS COMMUNITY!   edthatmatters 

The Propaganda Machine Never Sleeps   edthatmatters 

Sitting Around the Radio (Like the Sitting Around the Radio (Like the Old Days) & The Days of Elijah Days) & The Days of Elijah   edthatmatters 

Your Home Survival Cache   edthatmatters 

Friends in Low Places or People You Can Count On When Your SHTF!   edthatmatters 

Country - Spring Break 2013 Slide Show   edthatmatters 

Can you make fire?   edthatmatters 

Learners vs   edthatmatters 

We Need   edthatmatters 

Composting Using Black Soldier Flies (BSF) and Their Effect On Earth Worm Bins   edthatmatters 

Don't Cast Your OPSEC Before Swine (Unprepared)   edthatmatters 

Alternatives for High Schoolers Who Don't Have Time for Classes   edthatmatters 

The Best Deal on Sun Oven Around!!!   edthatmatters 

What did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-10-21) - Modern Survival Blog   modernsurvivalblog 


It’s High Time For Action   peakprosperity 

Frederica Wilson’s Gaudy Hat Stumps Twitter’s Verified Liberals™ – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Motorcycles Can’t be Automated – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 


What to do when your Parachute fails, page 1   abovetopsecret 

10% change of Yellowstone eruption this century?, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Ghost car accident in Singapore, page 1   abovetopsecret 

The 3 Food Storage Companies I Recommend and Why - Important Update   thesurvivalmom 

SILVER SHOCK: Energy Watch Group Believes A Staggering 2 Million Tonnes Of Silver Will Be Needed For Solar!   kingworldnews 

When staying put is not an option, you'll need to know how to navigate to safety   survivallife 

Leftists Plan Scream Helplessly at the Sky Events on Anniversary of Election   prisonplanet 

Social Engineering Via Media 101 – How to Normalize the Absurd   activistpost 


Prepper Knowledge Is Key To Survival – 10/19/17   prepperwebsite 

American Corruption 101 with Tracy Beanz on The Hagmann Report — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Putin blames EU hypocrisy for Catalonia crisis — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Police Reportedly Claim a Brooklyn Teen Consented to Sex in Custody. That's Impossible.   thedailysheeple 

Nick Giambruno on the War on Cash and the Future of Cryptocurrencies — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Are MGM & Mandalay Bay Calling the Shots on what is Being Released to the Public and What Isn't? — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

NFL Players Join Soros To Fund Leftist Advocacy Groups   zerohedge 

Mapping What Every State In America Is Best At   zerohedge 

Trump will Release Kennedy Assassination Files, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Should President Trump Visit the DMZ During His November Tour of Asia?., page 1   abovetopsecret 

CIA Study from 83 Describes total process for interdimesional/past/future knolwledge &travel., page 1   abovetopsecret 

The height of irony for CNN - featuring Bannon speech at GOP convention. , page 1   abovetopsecret 


Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days, page 1   abovetopsecret 

USAF to recall over a thousand retired pilots in effort to combat shortages, page 1   abovetopsecret 

We are the members of Do It Or Die, page 1   abovetopsecret 

CIA director says Russia's facebook ads did not affect the election #ATS   abovetopsecret 

How did I miss this? USAF selects Scorpion and A6 for light attack demo, page 1   abovetopsecret 

IAF wants out of FGFA, page 1   abovetopsecret 

How much alternative media has a hidden agenda? Including ATS?, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Institutions Are Selling To Retail Investors At An Unprecedented Pace   zerohedge 

Woodcutting When the SHTF: What You Need to Know To Hastily Acquire a Wood Supply   readynutrition 

FINDERS KEEPERS: If CIA finds a child, they get to rape, torture, and kill them!   prisonplanet 

Building A Better Bug Out Bag For Greater Chances Of Survival   survivallife 



$2 BILLION BRIBE PAID TO MITCH McCONNELL TO PASS OBAMA BILL – The Burning Platform -   theburningplatform 

Las Vegas shooting: An in-depth analysis   intellihub 

MEANWHILE….IN RUSSIA – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

The Next Generation Of Currency Wars: Private Vs State-backed Crypto   zerohedge 

"God Is All I Have" - One Month In, Puerto Ricans Fight For Survival Amid Sluggish Recovery   zerohedge 

Trump Considers Bringing Both Powell And Taylor To The Fed Together   zerohedge 

Get Ready To Party Like It’s 2008 — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Munich stabbing: Several injured in knife attack, suspect on the run — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Merrill Lynch, Protection Rackets and the “P.R. Firm from Hell” — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Gold Market Anomalies Creating Huge Buy Opportunities! - Andy Schectman Interview — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Buzzards at the Door: Repent Before We Are Driven From the Land   trunews 

Civil War Breaks Out in Northern Iraq as Kurds Turn to ISIS   trunews 


George Bush Shows His True Anti American Colors — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

The Shadow Banking System: A Third Of All The Wealth In The World Is Held In Offshore Banks   theeconomiccollapseblog 

Vegas false flag FBI coverup SGT Report   sgtreport 

`Lone Wolf' Attacks a Means to an End   trunews 

Documentary Just Released Online Blows Lid Off Hollywood Pedophilia: "This is the Tip of the Iceberg"   thefreethoughtproject 

Congressman Proposes Legislation to Allow Cops to Use Cannabis, Slams Drug War   thefreethoughtproject 

Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents, page 1   abovetopsecret 

The Silver Bear Cafe   silverbearcafe 

I was born upon life., page 1   abovetopsecret 

The Top 8 Reasons You Need a Possum Mentality to Survive What's Coming   myfamilysurvivalplan 

US Navy likely to be passed over for top Pacific Command spot, page 1   abovetopsecret 

A Short Training Manual on how to attain Christ/Universal Consciousness for Beginners, page 1   abovetopsecret 


B2 Spirit dropping bombs. , page 1   abovetopsecret 

IRS to block, suspend tax returns that lack Obamacare disclosures   prisonplanet 

My Family Survival Plan Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock You - My Family Survival Plan   myfamilysurvivalplan 

Court Says Cop Violated Constitution by Cuffing Tiny Child on Video, Watching Him Scream in Agony   thefreethoughtproject 

The Definitive List of Bushcraft Skills   modernsurvivalonline 

Arrow through the Heart., page 1   abovetopsecret 

Goldman Expects Trump To Withdraw From NAFTA, Congress Readies For A Fight   zerohedge 

Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met With Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal   zerohedge 

"Bill Clinton met with Vladimir Putin months before controversial Uranium One deal was signed."   zerohedge 

Camouflage for Preppers   survivalsullivan 

What are the first 15 things you should do if an #EMP happens? Free report here!   thesurvivalmom 

Winter is coming! 6 Reasons to Stockpile Blankets   thesurvivalmom 

Benefits of Having a Motorcycle   americanpreppersnetwork 

Here's the other one the proles missed while voyeuring Loomer & Southern & Fairbanks   activistpost 

GMOs cannot be contained GM mosquitoes have successfully mated with wild mosquitoes, spreading GM traits   naturalnews 

GM corn and soy cause damage to liver, kidneys, DNA, reproduction and blood according to new study   naturalnews 

What to Do If You're Being Followed 10/20/17   prepperwebsite 

Meet Emmanuel Macron The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation   libertyblitzkrieg 

Sheeple: Another Look At A Sad Breed   alt-market 

The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight   alt-market 

Brandon Smith continues last week's discussion   alt-market 

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