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Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Abruptly Dies Just Days After Posting Eyewitness Account Of Multiple Shooters And Subsequent Cover-Up  shtfplan 

"I'm Concerned... It's Highly Unusual" - Vegas Massacre Security Guard Remains Missing   zerohedge 

Top Seven Articles on Prepper Website for the Week! Just In Case You Missed It! (5/13/17)   edthatmatters 

Air pollution killing thousands of Europeans every year, according to the EU’s environmental authority –   naturalnews 


The United States of Weinstein: Complicity, Greed and Corruption Is the Status Quo   thedailysheeple 

Technology from the movies is on the way: A look at the many ways it will change our future –   naturalnews 

China’s New Oil Exchange Where Countries Will Be Able To Take Gold As Payment Plus A Worldwide Paradigm Shift   kingworldnews 

What makes YOUR heart pound? Top 50 things range from a near accident to an encounter with the opposite sex, according to poll – NaturalNe   naturalnews 

The end is near? Antibiotic resistance to spell the end of chemical medicine –   naturalnews 

The Great Ephemera Machine   freemansperspective 

Journalist Behind Leak that Exposed Clinton’s Criminal Campaign Donors, Blown Up in Her Car   thefreethoughtproject 

Releases Cryptic `Key'   trunews 

NAHB: Builder Confidence increased to 68 in October   calculatedriskblog 

Poor sense of smell indicates deteriorating nerves, now linked to higher risk for Parkinson’s later in life –   naturalnews 

Industrial Production Increased 0.3% in September   calculatedriskblog 

Mainstream Media Just Admitted Hollywood Infested With "Child Sex Trafficking"   thefreethoughtproject 

Science journal confirms eating turmeric cured myeloma cancer in 57-year-old woman –   naturalnews 

Flood of radioactivity in Europe may be coming from Russia, according to experts –   naturalnews 

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow   prisonplanet 

Tuesday: Industrial Production, Homebuilder Confidence   calculatedriskblog 

Where Are The Handcuffs? (Russia)   market-ticker 

Ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones: The Group Was a “Prostitution Ring” — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

If Catalonia Fails, We All Fail   libertyblitzkrieg 

Prepper Website - Preparedness, Survival & Alternative News   prepperwebsite 

The Best of the Best for the Week!   edthatmatters 

Conspiracy Theory No More: State Dept. Finally Admits The US Gov’t Planned 1953 Iranian Coup   activistpost 

Journalist Behind Panama Papers Leak, Blown Up in Her Car   activistpost 

Deep State begins its campaign to associate Harvey Weinstein’s sexual crimes to POTUS Trump — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve   theeconomiccollapseblog 

Medical Terrorists at Large! NMA panel suggests no American has the right to refuse experimental vaccinations and children must be held down   naturalnews 

Report: 75% of Religious #Persecution Targets #Christians   trunews 

Journo Assassinated   trunews 

WATCH: Cops Respond to Bank Robber by Shooting His Hostage 9 Times   thefreethoughtproject 

The UBER Guide to DIY Food Storage with Mylar Bags, O2 Absorbers and Buckets!   edthatmatters 

America’s youth deemed too FAT to fight — wars, crime or fires — as obesity epidemic spreads –   naturalnews 

Units of Canada – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Those Dirty Clintons: Bribery Plot Uncovered By FBI Before Obama Administration Approved Moscow Nuclear Deal   shtfplan 

Obama's Hero Pleads Guilty to Desertion   trunews 

WATCH: Paramedic Disarms Cop As He Loses His Mind, Shoots At, Tries to Kill Innocent Family   thefreethoughtproject 

Madagascar Plague Outbreak Has Already Killed 57 And Infected Over 600   shtfplan 

Kids Horrified After Cops Hold Mock Child Sex Trafficking Drill, Without Saying It’s A Drill   activistpost 

Duterte Goes Off: Tells CIA To Either 'Take Him Out' or Leave The Country — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Three eyewitness accounts which challenge official @LVMPD/@FBI story regarding the #LasVegas massacre   trunews 

Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Former Miramax Employee Alleges Harvey Weinstein Raped Her In Company’s Basement — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

North Korea: ‘Nuclear War May Break Out At Any Moment’   shtfplan 

Massive Car Bomb Kills Journalist Who Exposed Panama Papers Elite: "A Political Murder Took Place Today"   shtfplan 

a Homestead #apple   edthatmatters 

A Non-Prepper's Guide to Making Big Decisions!   edthatmatters 

How Obamacare Fuels The Obesity Epidemic – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

North Korea Warns "Nuclear War Could Break Out At Any Moment"   zerohedge 

Four major mineral deficiencies, their symptoms, and how to overcome them –   naturalnews 

Industrial agriculture practices likely to threaten world food supply through heightened risk of crop disease, study finds – NaturalNews.c   naturalnews 

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear #TenCommandments Case   trunews 

Beat cancer naturally rather than being a “customer” for the medical profession — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

WATCH: Cop Attacks 60yo Woman, Slams Her to the Ground After She Asked for Milk   thefreethoughtproject 

Health Alert: Fatal Airborne Transmission of Pneumonic Plague Spreading at Alarming Rate. These Lifesaving Antibiotics are Your Best Defense   readynutrition 

The helicopter gunner theory: Are Las Vegas police hiding the fact that a helicopter gunship stormed the festival?   intellihub 

FBI Doesn’t Mention Shooters At Bellagio — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

New fingerprint technology will hint at “offender’s state of mind” – it also detects gender, recent diet and sexual   naturalnews 

California wildfires burning out of control are natural phenomena, NOT “climate change” — fires have raged on earth for billions of ye   naturalnews 

Is There A Link Between Dental Amalgams And Wi-Fi EMFs?   activistpost 

Lighter Showdown: The Best Survival Lighter   survival-spot 

Car-Bomb Kills "One-Woman WikiLeaks" Who Led The Panama Papers Revelations   zerohedge 

Former Miramax Screenwriter Posts Harvey Weinstein Mea Culpa: "Everybody Fu*king Knew"   zerohedge 

How Interlinked Corporations Rule the World   activistpost 

NWO About To Be Fully Exposed — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Report: Cotton-for-Pompeo-for-Tillerson Shakeup Coming   trunews 

The CIA Plan to Assassinate Greek PM Karamanlis For Ties to Russia - Exclusive Report — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

BLOOD MONEY – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Capone goes to prison – 1931 – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned –   naturalnews 

Alt. #News Hub - Cause the mainstream media sucks!   prepperwebsite 

Catalan Independence Movement Furious After Spain Jails Two Leaders For Possible Sedition   zerohedge 

"Everybody F**king Knew": Miramax Screenwriter Implicates All of Hollywood in Weinstein Scandal   thefreethoughtproject 

[AUDIO] #TruNews Analysis: #LasVegas Massacre, Russian CryptoRuble, Chinese Invasion of #NorthKorea ht   trunews 

Eerie Drone Video Shows Postal Deliveries Continuing in Neighborhood Destroyed by Wildfire   thedailysheeple 

VID: Prophecy Update: "The Truth Is: It's a Real Threat" - 2/15/15   edthatmatters 

What Would You Do with More $$$ - Micro-Businesses for Extra Streams of Income   edthatmatters 

Passing Along Advice to A Younger Generation - What Would You Say?   edthatmatters 

What If You Lose Your Go-Bag? Can You Still Survive?   edthatmatters 

This Present Frustration   edthatmatters 

Plastic Barrel Projects Anyone?   edthatmatters 

Preparedness Questions for a Better Online Community   edthatmatters 

What is the Best Kind of Milk for Food Storage?   edthatmatters 

When They Come for Your Guns & 80% Lowers   edthatmatters 

Food Storage with Confidence - Expert Advice!   edthatmatters 

Rain Barrels & Scrubber   edthatmatters 

When Canning Goes Bad: 9 Common Mistakes To Avoid - Bio Prepper   bioprepper 

Bubble-nomics – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Renowned Harvard Psychologist Claims That ADHD Is an “Invention” and Doesn’t Exist! – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment in Freedom Is Failing – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

WANNA’ KNOW HOW DUMB YOU SOUND TO THE TECH WORLD? – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

"That Money's Already Been Spent" - Clinton Foundation Won't Return $250,000 Weinstein Donation   zerohedge 

Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care , page 1   abovetopsecret 

Why Aren't We Talking About North Korea's Vast Mineral Reserves?, page 1   abovetopsecret 

How To Select Best Sit On Top Fishing Kayak At Affordable Price   americanpreppersnetwork 

13 Tips on Surviving a Protest   doomandbloom 

The ECB Has Bought €1.9 Trillion In Bonds: Here Is Who Sold And What They Did With The Money   zerohedge 

Ex-DEA Agent Blasts Congress And Drug Industry For Creating The Opioid Crisis   zerohedge 

New #FIREARM links daily!   prepperwebsite 

`Demonic Drag Queen' Photo Goes Viral   trunews 

Walking in Witnesses Footsteps With Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Stephanie — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

China Real Estate Crisis as MORTGAGE FRAUD Exactly Same as U.S. in 2007! — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's Travel Ban For The Third Time   zerohedge 

US-Backed Forces Declare Victory Over ISIS In Raqqa   zerohedge 

Road To World War 3 Unveiled: Is China Planning To Deploy Its Army Against North Korea?   zerohedge 

Gold: Texbook Pullback In Play   goldseek 

One of the Two Most Powerful Fed Officials Just Issued an Inflation Decree   goldseek 

Total Garbage (Netflix) $NFLX   market-ticker 

Cities are Getting Paid to Turn Street Lights into Spying SmartNodes   activistpost 

Is The Marijuana Study To Help Veterans with PTSD Being Sabotaged by the VA?   activistpost 

Soros Transfers $18 BILLION To His Open Society Foundations   thedailysheeple 


Facebook and Government Admit to State-Sanctioned Corporate Espionage   thedailysheeple 

Imposes Sanctions on #NorthKorea   trunews 

TruNews TV - October 16, 2017   trunews 

Ion Thruster Passes First Test   trunews 

Different Types of Hunting Boots and How to Choose the Right One   americanpreppersnetwork 

NYT Editor Slams Pence As "F**king Horrible", Admits Reporters Tried To Sway Voters Against Trump   zerohedge 

Globalization Is Poverty: "The Endgame Is Painfully Obvious"   zerohedge 

UK PMs Push Back As Regulators "Bend The Rules" To Accommodate Saudi Aramco IPO   zerohedge 

"I'm Going To Work Until I Die": A Look At How Unprepared Boomers Are For Retirement   zerohedge 

Congress Is To Blame For the Opioid Epidemic Plus All Vaccine Tragedies; Investigate Both Now   activistpost 

Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash and Digital Amounts Over $10K or Face 10 Years in Prison and Full Asset Seizure   activistpost 


Trump Quietly Nominates Mass Surveillance Advocate To “Protect” Your Privacy Rights   activistpost 

Artificial meat warning: It’s mostly made from MSG, GMOs and toxic ingredients that harm the planet –   naturalnews 

Page 3 - Frugal Living   prepperwebsite 

Radiation Detectors: They Are Selling Out Worldwide. Here's Why – 10/14/17   prepperwebsite 

CIVIL UNREST – NOVEMBER 4TH – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Is War With Iran Now Inevitable? – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

NKIT QOTD – The Burning Platform   theburningplatform 

Palladium and Rhodium on Fire, Is Platinum Next?   goldseek 

Gold Update for October 17   goldseek 

Brexit UK Vulnerable As Gold Bar Exports Distort UK Trade Figures   zerohedge 

So You're An Environmentalist Eh?   market-ticker 

After Action Report On Hurricane Irma, by Florida Dave   survivalblog 


Morgan Stanley: "Client Cash Is At Its Lowest Level" As Institutions Dump Stocks To Retail   zerohedge 

Get Ready For A New Chernobyl In Ukraine   zerohedge 

"He Shivved Me": Angry Hillary Lashes Out At Comey And Assange In Australian TV Interview   zerohedge 

Protecting Your Home Before The SHTF   thehomeforsurvival 

Forgotten Doomsday Items   thehomeforsurvival 

SunJack Solar Phone Charger   thehomeforsurvival 

Best Way’s to Build Your Survival Group – SHTF School   shtfschool 

Guest Article – Seven Elements of Self-Defense by Rory Miller – SHTF School   shtfschool 

First Trades after Collapse – SHTF School   shtfschool 

How to Build Your Own Air Conditioner   survival-spot 

Enemies Foreign and Domestic   enemiesforeignanddomestic 

Gold Star Mothers & Family's Day - Prepography   prepography 


Top 10 Benefits To Raising Meat Rabbits   prepography 

Venomous Snakes of North America - Infographic - Prepography   prepography 

Goldman Beats Despite 26% Drop In Fixed Income As Prop Trading Jumps; Avg Comp Slides To $339,190   zerohedge 

Innocent-looking white girls shock the world in viral video as each one yells, F*** n******!   thedailysheeple 

Is Big Pharma Into Fraudulent Ads Especially Regarding Vaccines?   activistpost 

Hillary Clinton Just Told Five Blatant Lies About WikiLeaks   thedailysheeple 

Nuclear War `At Any Moment' #WW3   trunews 

Candidate: I'm in Contact With Aliens   trunews 

London Paul and Team RogueMoney Told Ya: The Crypto-Ruble is Almost Here — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

UK Government Ditching `Offensive' Pronouns   trunews 

The Un-American Hero: The Crimes of John McCain   thedailysheeple 

The Las Vegas Shooter Timeline Changes Once Again — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 


Studies Show Republicans Don’t Understand What Produces Wealth in America — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

De-Occulting the Las Vegas Shooting — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 

Matt Drudge Expertly Trolls Weinstein: “Harvey To Star in Prison Drama?” — SGT Articles - SGT Report   sgtreport 


China's Alien Hunting Radio Telescope Has Made Its First Discovery   thedailysheeple 

Is the Tavistock Institute playing games with the world ?, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Texas Jury Awards Man $1.3 Million after Home Video Proved Deputies Lied, page 1   abovetopsecret 

Recent evidence supported but also questioned the hypothetical role of compounds containing mercury   naturalnews 

Keeping preparedness simple: Tips from the Health Ranger –   naturalnews 

New “smart” bandages will dramatically cut healing time for wounds in chronic patients –   naturalnews 

The Power to Change & A Bugout Bag   edthatmatters 

VID: Prophecy Update "Mr. Big Mouth" - Feb. 8, 2015   edthatmatters 


Surviving on the Family Plan - Extended Family   edthatmatters 

Considerations of Education & Self-Sufficiency   edthatmatters 

SHEEP for the End of the World?!? If You Want to Thrive!   edthatmatters 

Four Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for an Emergency   edthatmatters 

Prepping for Church?!?   edthatmatters 

Do Preppers Know the Future of Medicine? 5 Ways to Prepare Now!   edthatmatters 

21 Blogs with Advice on How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family   edthatmatters 

Financial Planning for Smart Preppers   edthatmatters 

What is the Best Prepper/Survival Movie?   edthatmatters 

How to Use a Chainsaw   edthatmatters 

Articles the Preparedness Community Wants to Read - What About You?   edthatmatters 

The Bugout Formula - If You Have to Ask Yourself, It's Already Too Late!   edthatmatters 


Retreat Security: Get Popped Sucka!   edthatmatters 

Conflicted Deck II   edthatmatters 

Pump-Action Shotgun - The Most Versatile Gun   edthatmatters 

Entrepreneurship As A Prepper Skill   edthatmatters 

"I Should Have Died" - The Stuff You Might Want When the SHTF!   edthatmatters 

3 Trends in Preparedness and How You Can Get On Board!   edthatmatters 

299 Days After the Collapse   edthatmatters 

for .22LR?!?!?!?!?   edthatmatters 

The Preppers Pepper Hot Sauce   edthatmatters 

VID: I Am A Seed - DCB   edthatmatters 

Raising Chickens for Beginners   edthatmatters 

A Prepper’s Guide to Buying a Shipping Container   edthatmatters 

One Socket to Rule Them All! Tools for the Apocalypse!   edthatmatters 

Medical Preparedness & Future Career Choices   edthatmatters 

Lights Out! NW Houston Edition: Lessons for Non-Preppers!   edthatmatters 

INFOGRAPHIC: History of Online Learning   edthatmatters 

War On Christmas - So You Know   edthatmatters 

Preparing for a Better Quality of Life: The Question   edthatmatters 

Never Miss Another AWESOME Prepper Post on Facebook   edthatmatters 

Living Off the Grid with Solar!   edthatmatters 

Confession of a Bad AP   edthatmatters 

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